The Legacy of Socialism After Neoliberal Crisis

Austerity Measures and Gender Equality in Slovenia

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“This paper is a national case study of government austerity measures introduced in times of economic and financial crisis in Slovenia. We were mainly concerned with the consequences they had on the lives of women and gender equality in the past decade. The paper is divided into three main sectors.”

Anamarija Šiša (1991) is a young researcher at the Research Centre for the Terminology of Social Sciences and Journalism and a teaching assistant and a PhD student at the Chair of Media Studies at the Faculty for Social Sciences (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Antonija Todić (1992) is a junior researcher at the Institute for Ethnic Studies and a PhD student of Sociology of Culture at the Faculty of Arts of the University in Ljubljana. She also works as a translator in the field of social sciences, the humanities and art.