Antifascism as The Self-Defensive Monument

Nemanja Cvijanović

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The bilingual monographic publication “Antifascism as The Self-Defensive Monument: Nemanja Cvijanović” is edited by Tevž Logar and Vladan Jeremić, designed by Mario Aničić and published by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Europe; Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka and Piran Coastal Galleries, Piran. Authors of the texts are Ivana Bago, Gal Kirn, Michał Kozłowski, Dragan Markovina, Katarina Peović, Srećko Pulig and Stefano Taccone. The monographic publication provides an intricate survey of the work The Monument to Red Rijeka – The Self -Defensive Monument, conceived by the artist Nemanja Cvijanović, whose sharp-minded and reflective gesture of agency undermines the current rise of nationalist violence. This particular work presents a very precise point where the fascist and anti-fascist legacy confront one another and define Cvijanović’s gesture as relationality between society, politics and art.