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Nearly after 150 years of Marx´s reading, labour and its organizations are facing the enormous challenge of simultaneously responding to the current globalization regime marked by growing social inequality, continuing environmental degradation, global capital mobility, supply chains of transnational companies crossing national borders, persistent high levels of informal employment in most of the late industrialized countries, and growing precariousness [...].


Research Paper Series No. 6
There is no doubt that foreign direct investments (FDIs) constitute a central pillar of the Serbian government’s development strategy. In fact, all previous governments over the last couple of decades have heavily relied on FDIs as their sole source of econom-ic development.


Beograd, Srbija


Possibilities of International Labor Organizing in Southeast Europe
In 2014 Serbia advertised itself on CNN as a land of highly skilled and cheap labor. Similar to that, in Skopje, Macedonia advertised itself on billboards across the town as a country with the cheapest labor force in Europe.

Front slobode

Front slobode is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation located in Tuzla, registered in 2013, with a primary goal to promote anti-fascist tradition, emancipative politics and different forms of public good. The guiding objective of Front slobode is how to enable space for active participation of citizens in socio-economic, political and cultural...

Corporate Imperialism

The Zones of Exploitation in Serbia
This book is presenting an initial illustration and critique of corporate imperialism: based on discovered data, the author will expose how it manifests itself in Serbia and in what ways Serbian economic policy surrenders to corporate interests.

Collective Agreement for the Media Industry

The Independent Union of Journalist and Media Workers on Monday, 30 November in Skopje will present the Draft – Collective Agreement for the Media Industry. It is a document which is a result of a comprehensive debate in the media community (journalists, photo reporters, camera crew, correspondents, editors) and their feedback regarding the systemic...

Zrenjanin Social Forum

Zrenjanin Social Forum  (ZSF) was established in Zrenjanin, Serbia. In addition to its members, who were former workers within the company Jugoremedija, this association also assembles progressive intellectuals and a large number of workers from other factories as well as workers in precarious situations. Zrenjanin Social Forum works on projects with the...

New Union

New Union was established in 2002 in Zagreb as a general type of union, which means that it recruits and organizes workers in all branches and activities in the domain of the entire state. New Union aims to connect and consolidate union movements in transcending specialist and territorial divisions. In addition to a dedication to union work, New Union...

Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers

Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers  (SSNM) established in 2010 in Skoplje, Macedonia as a union which assembles all workers employed in the various fields of media in Macedonia. SSNM is a union which defends workers' rights and freedom of the press. It offers legal assistance and establishes regional cooperation with other union...

Base for Labor Initiatives and Democratization

Base for Labor Initiatives and Democratization (BRID) deals with the protection and promotion of labor rights, democratic decision-making processes, and economic democracy among workers. The organization seeks to provide legal, economic, and on-site assistance to workers in defending their rights, in self-organization, and in establishing grassroots...