• Autor: Darko Suvin
    «However, we would have to learn from the Russian revolution that etatisation of the party in power is a permanent mortal danger, to be permanently fought against, and that a form of vigorous plebeian democracy at all levels, allowing for changes of leading political cadre is indispensable.»
  • Author: Manfred Wannöffel
    Nearly after 150 years of Marx´s reading, labour and its organizations are facing the enormous challenge of simultaneously responding to the current globalization regime marked by growing social inequality, continuing environmental degradation, global capital mobility, supply chains of transnational companies crossing national borders, persistent high levels of informal employment in most of the late industrialized countries, and growing precariousness [...].
  • Izdavač: Vladiya Mihaylova
    София куиър форум е събитие, коeто чрез средствата на съвременното изкуство изследва пола и сексуалността като паралелни системи, през които оценяваме себе си и другите.