• Urednici: Milovan Pisarri / Rena Rädle
    Svrha ove publikacije je da bude oruđe u rukama svih onih koji nisu ravnodušni prema događajima u Beogradu tokom fašističke okupacije 1941–1944. godine i koji žele da se angažuju protiv zaboravljanja, ćutanja i falsifikovanja tog mračnog perioda istorije.
  • Editors: Mirela Ruko et al.
    This study – The working class conditions in Albania (II) – is a result of a two-year-long attempt by the Institute for Institute for Critique and Social Emancipation (ICSE) to depict a broad picture of the conditions of what one might still call the working class of Albania.
  • Author: Manfred Wannöffel
    Nearly after 150 years of Marx´s reading, labour and its organizations are facing the enormous challenge of simultaneously responding to the current globalization regime marked by growing social inequality, continuing environmental degradation, global capital mobility, supply chains of transnational companies crossing national borders, persistent high levels of informal employment in most of the late industrialized countries, and growing precariousness [...].